To Kill A Mockingbird

Atticus Finch is a lawyer in a poor town in the deep South during the years of The Great Depression. Widowed, he is raising his two young children, a boy and a girl, alone with only the help of his housekeeper, Calpurnia.

When he is assigned as public defender to a young black man unjustly accused of rape he must make a moral judgement.  His decision will deeply affect the future for both his own family and the entire town.

Harper Lee’s magnificent novel was first published in 1960, a time of racial tension and unrest . It became an immediate best seller and has never been out of print since the first publication. It ranks among the great American novels.

This stage adaptation captures all of the charm, warmth, and tension of the original work. It remains true to the original story and the timeless characters from the novel come alive on stage in this powerful and dramatic tale.